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We’ve been busy

Its been a while since this blog has been updated. Its just that we’ve been busy re-inventing ourselves. What this means is a brand new web site and brand new products and brand new customers.

Its been fun and its just starting (hopefully).

Check out our new Website at www.vigilm.com

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Going Walking? – Carry Peace of Mind with you

VigilM has started piloting its services to Senior Citizens. Now you know where your loved one is.

When we did our market survey, one of the main concerns for family members of active seniors was their well being when they went on their morning walks.

Carrying the VigilM device allows them to press a button for help in cases of emergencies or just use the device to call pre-designated numbers. But what is the icing on the cake is the “Walk Monitor”.

By “switching on” the walk monitor, the VigilM service automatically detects that a person who is carrying the VigilM device has left his home. Once that is done, the device sends back location information to VigilM periodically. When the user returns home, the service automatically realizes that the person is back safely and shuts off periodic updates.

During the time that the user is walking, designated buddies (friends/family members/care givers) can send a text message to the VigilM gateway to ask for the wherabouts of the person. Reply to the sender includes distance from home, nearest landmark and street address.

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