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VigilM Capture – Proof and Progress

Over the last few months we have been steadily signing up new customers for our VigilM Capture product. Customers include companies building Towers for mobile operators, Construction companies, Architects etc.

VigilM Capture essentially consists of an Android App that allows you to capture pictures and videos of remote projects and automatically uploads it to our server which files it automatically based on location. Project Managers and administrators can then log in via the Web console to see the progress based on which they can make their go, no-go decision.

One of our biggest customers is a company that build towers mobile operators and runs it for them. They have seen instant results as they are able to monitor projects that are hundreds of miles away. Getting pictures of tasks in progress, allows them to make decisions faster where previously a supervisor or Project Manager would have had to go to a site for each and every thing. Site visits are still needed but greatly reduced.

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